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Cavelle Bailey’s journey at Academy of Learning Career College exemplifies dedication, hard work, and achievement. Graduating with Honours, All Subjects Distinction, from AOLCC’s Community Service Worker with Addictions Worker Specialty Diploma program, Cavelle’s commitment to excellence shines brightly.

Cavelle’s proactive approach in pursuing a professional opportunity as an Outreach Worker even after the position had originally closed highlights her determination and drive for success. And it paid off! Although the position had closed, she was immediately placed in a high school in Nova Scotia as an Outreach Worker through the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Her story serves as an inspiration to all students, showcasing that hard work and perseverance can lead to remarkable achievements. We are proud of Cavelle’s accomplishments and wish her continued success in her career and future endeavors!

Cavelle Bailey Career Success and Diploma with AOLCC
Cavelle graduated from CSWAW Canadian Association with AOLCC
Cavelle Bailey graduated from CSWAW Canadian Association of Social Workers - AOLCC