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At Academy of Learning Career College, our on-site Learning Coaches play a key role in the everyday functions at all of our 50 campuses. Learning Coaches provide hands-on, personalized guidance and support to help each student succeed.
Kristie, a Learning Coach at our Belleville campus, continually goes above and beyond. She is driven to elevate the way students feel about themselves and their abilities.

Kristie - Learning Coach AOLCC Belleville - Quote
When an AOLCC – Belleville student found herself struggling with the demands of her program, she shared Kristie’s impact:

“The knowledge, kindness, support, and care (on all fronts personal and school)… This woman is remarkable. Not one single day went by that she did not push me, comforted me if needed, and give me the confidence I needed.”

When asked if she had any tips for success for current or future students, Kristie says:

“Always be patient with yourself. Organization and accountability to yourself and your chosen program will ensure full program completion and personal growth.”

For those considering going back to college, she says:

“You owe it to yourself to try!”

30+ diplomas and certificate programs. 50 campuses.