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As an adult learner returning to education, it can be difficult to know what to expect. You might worry that that instructors will expect more from you than your other commitments will allow, and you won’t be able to keep up with the coursework. Or perhaps you’ll be afraid that none of your classmates will be in a similar life stage as you and you’ll have trouble making friends.
Fortunately, colleges like Academy of Learning College (AOLC) are different. Specifically tailored towards adult learners, they aim to offer a supportive environment that allows people to work towards a better career without sacrificing their other work and family commitments.
If you’re looking to pursue a career in office administration, there’s no better place to earn your qualification than at AOLC’s Victoria campus, which offers top-class facilities and expert training in an array of in-demand skills.
Want to find out what AOLC Victoria has to offer? Read on for guide to your new campus.

Expert Training for a Promising Office Admin Career

AOLC’s office administration certification program offers all the tools needed for a successful career. Adult learners are taught valuable job-ready skills, such as basic bookkeeping, and to become proficient in common office software programs like Microsoft Word and Sage Premium.
Additionally, you’ll also receive job search and resume writing training to help you get a headstart in your career as soon as you graduate.

Embrace Your Community While Gaining Office Administration Certification

Away from the classroom, returning to education can give you great opportunity to get involved in campus activities, make new friends and become more active in your community. AOLC offers a number of activities for students, as well connections to local community organizations, such as the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria and the Banyan Community Centre.

Academy of Learning College has great links to the community of Victoria

AOLC’s Office Admin College in Victoria Provides Helpful Support Staff

From the first moment you make an inquiry at AOLC, our helpful support staff will be there to guide you, answering any of your questions and helping to make sure you choose the right program for a career that suits you. During your course, they will be on hand to assist you in any way possible, from helping you manage your schedule to preparing you to embark on your office admin career once you graduate.

Earn Your Office Administration Certification in Your Own Time

Fitting classes in between work and family commitments can be difficult for many adult learners. That’s why the Integrated Learning™ System at AOLC offers a range of flexible learning options to better suit your needs. You can opt to take your courses online and still have the support of qualified instructors (through email and virtual lessons) to help guide you through the material. Or you can take advantage of our flexible hours and attend your courses on campus during the times that work best for you.

AOLC offers a number of flexible learning options, including online courses

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