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Career college training is one of the wisest investments a modern job-seeker can make. Across industries, today’s employers look for specialized education and certification when considering new hires.
In fact, according to British Columbia’s Labour Market Outlook, the province can expect almost one million new jobs between now and 2022. And 44% of those jobs will require a college diploma or trade certificate.
If you’d like to upgrade your credentials, earn a better wage, and secure stability for yourself and your family, there are plenty of colleges and diploma programs to choose from across Canada. But how can you guarantee that your investment in post-secondary training will pay off?
With flexible, skills-targeted programs designed to fill emerging gaps in the economy, Academy of Learning College (AOLC) is well prepared to support your transition back to school – no matter how busy your schedule may be.
Read on for 5 of the many reasons AOLC offers you BC’s best career college experience:

A Welcoming, Supportive Learning Environment

AOLC’s dedicated staff members are passionate about helping students from all walks of life find professional success! From application to graduation, their support and encouragement will guide you toward achieving your goals at the pace that works best for you.
We understand that going back to school can be intimidating, and that you may have plenty of other responsibilities on your plate. With AOLC’s supportive environment, your training will be a rewarding process, not an added stress.

Hit the Ground Running with Quick, Effective Certification

AOLC offers condensed programs, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in twelve months or less. This means you’ll be prepared for a brand new job within a year of starting school, instead of after two to four years at a Community College or University.
For example, let’s say you’re interested in a career in finance. AOLC’s accounting career college training can give you the specialized bookkeeping and payroll skills you need to find secure employment within a year after you begin.

Hands-On Career Training for In-Demand Jobs

Academy of Learning College plans its programming to fill gaps in Canada’s thriving service industries, tailored to give you specific skills that are in high demand on the market today.
For example, the nation’s aging population has increased demand for skilled health care technicians from coast to coast. By pursuing one of AOLC’s healthcare training programs and getting hands-on experience with state-of-the-art methods and technologies, you become exactly what today’s employers are looking for. This guarantees you eligibility for a variety of careers in this expanding field.


Flexible Career College Training with AOLC’s Integrated Learning SystemTM

By tracking your progress as you move from lesson to lesson, AOLC’s Integrated Learning System ensures you master each topic before moving on to the next. Online delivery lets you learn at your convenience, helping you balance your training with family life and even a full-time job.
For example, if you choose to pursue business career college training but need to miss a key class on management skills, you can catch up online at your convenience and get help from AOLC facilitators who are always available, either online or on campus. Your success is their top priority, so they’re happy to give you the one-on-one attention you need to meet your goals.
And with AOLC’s continuous enrollment, you can choose to begin your training at whichever time is best for you. Numerous program start dates throughout the year mean it’s never too late to start.


A Wide Range of Career Training Programs in British Columbia

Academy of Learning College offers over 30 diploma and certificate programs for you to choose from, and accessible campuses in 11 locations throughout British Columbia. If you’re not sure which career might suit you best, AOLC’s advisors are happy to help you find your perfect fit.
With the right training in AOLC’s flexible and supportive learning environment, nothing can stop you from achieving the long-term professional and financial success that you and your family deserve.
Are you looking for a reputable and experienced career college in British Columbia?
Visit AOLC for more information or to speak with an advisor.