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Ontario has plenty of Medical Office Assistant (MOA) jobs awaiting those with the right training and certification. This is especially true if you’re pursuing a new career, or a new job, after upgrading your skills in career college.
But to even the most prepared candidates, job interviews can be intimidating! You may be a mature adult learner who hasn’t found themselves in the interviewee’s seat for many years. Thankfully the right training can prepare you for work in any hands-on administrative or clinical support capacity in the medical field. At Academy of Learning College (AOLC), we’ll even teach you strategies for success that include interview preparation.
If you’re considering this career, get ready for the interview process by preparing to meet the following interview questions head-on.

1. Why Are You Interested in Becoming a Medical Office Assistant?

Often the first question in a job interview isn’t about your skills or credentials, it’s about you as a person. Your potential employer will want to know why you think you’re a good fit for the position at hand, and what motivates you to pursue this particular career path. That’s why when you sit down in an interview for a MOA position, they’re likely to ask you some version of the question: “why are you interested in becoming a medical office assistant?”
This might seem like a very general question, but potential employers will be looking for personal answers.
Prepare for your future interviews by jotting down a few points that you can use to explain why you chose this path. Think about what drew you to the MOA career, what makes you passionate about it, and what part of the job brings you personal satisfaction.
It might be connecting those who are unwell in your community to the services they need. It might be providing a steady paycheck for your family. As long as you explain your motives in a way that proves your dedication to becoming a MOA, employers will consider you a strong candidate.

2. What Computer Skills Did You Develop in Medical Office Assistant Training?

When you’ve made it to the interview process of a job application, you’ve likely already impressed your potential employers with the skills you’ve listed on your resume. When you take your seat in a job interview, it’s your time to speak in greater detail about these skills, and bring your qualifications to life.
In Ontario and all throughout Canada, computer skills are among the top skills medical office administrator employers are looking for. When AOLC graduates are asked what computer skills they bring to the table, they can think back on each medical office assistant course that provided the Microsoft Office expertise. This includes Office administrative software like Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word.

Take time in your interview to mention your modern computer software skills

3. How Can Your Medical Office Assistant Training Improve Our Patient Experience?

With AOLC’s integrated medical office assistant training system, you’ll be able to study online, in-class, and even at an on-site work placement. The experience you gain from this process will give you exclusive insights into the patient-MOA relationship.
Medical office assistants work on the frontlines of the healthcare industry, meeting and greeting every patient who walks through a health clinic or doctor’s office doors. Through a clinical or ‘worksite’ placement, our adult learners get to offer real administrative support within the medical industry. If you pursue this path, you’ll be able to see firsthand the kind of service today’s patients expect: customized, quick, clean, courteous, and compassionate.
Then when you find yourself in the interview room, you’ll truly be able to speak about how your experience will enhance and improve any professional healthcare setting.
Are you interested in starting your own career in medical office assistant school?
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