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What does it take to get a job in Canada? It takes skills, and that include both practical skills and soft skills. Your future career prospects heavily depend on the skills you have to offer for future employers. Generally, the more in-demand skills your have on your resume, the easier it will be for you to land on your dream job.
Every occupation requires a set of industry-specified skills that all workers must possess to complete the work. Nonetheless, a wide range of soft skills are commonly required for all occupations. Now, you’re probably wondering, what exactly are the employers looking for? Let’s take a look at the 5 most desirable soft skills amongst all industries:

Communication Skill

Communication skill refers to the ability to express oneself, to clearly understand and convey ideas, and to deliver concepts from one place to another. It includes telephone skills, presentation skills, verbal and written communication skills, the ability to gather information, the ability to give and accept criticism, persuading and negotiation skills, listening skills, as well as the understanding and implementation of body language.
Communication skill appears in most job postings. It is a particularly key skill in for many professions. Whether you are aiming for the healthcare and wellness industry, the technology & digital media industry, or the business and financial industry, good communication skill will definitely be one of your most attractive qualities.

Organizational Skill

Along with communication skill, organizational skill is one of the most important transferable job skills a worker can possess. Companies need workers who can stay organized and focus on the projects at hand, and managers who can organize the work flow for team members.
Organizational skill in the workplace includes general organizing, planning, time management, scheduling, as well as coordinating resources and meeting deadlines. Good organizational skill encompasses both physical and mental organization and time management abilities. Good organizational skill is essential for job seekers as employers often require workers to establish a to balance between different aspects of the workload.

Supervisory Skill / Leadership Skill

If you plan to climb up the corporate latter in your future career development, you need to establish sound leadership skills. Leadership skill is an essential component in positioning executives to make thoughtful decisions following the company’s missions and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives.
Not every leader is the same. Every lead has his or her own style, but there are also some common characteristics of a good leader. Valuable leadership skill includes the ability to delegate, inspire creativity, and communicate effectively. A good leader should be able to initiate strategic thinking, make critical decisions, conduct risk management for projects, as well as motivating team members effectively,

Problem Solving Skill

In nearly every industry, problem solving is one of the key skills that employers seek in job applicants. Everybody can benefit from having good problem solving skills as we all encounter problems on a daily basis.
Your problem solving skill should be displayed on your resume. During the interview, be prepared to discuss specific methods you undertook to solve problems. Prepare to describe situations you encountered previously, the processes you followed to address the issues, the skills you applied, and the results of your actions. Potential employers are eager to see how you reflect your problem solving skill in specific incidents.

Teamwork Skill

Teamwork is one of the fundamental skills employers look for. Teamwork is about being able to operate smoothly and efficiently within a group. Team work skill includes the ability to work well with other members of the team, the ability to encourage and inspire other team members to perform better, the ability to compromise and communicate with others, as well as other interpersonal skills such as negotiation, advising and interpreting.
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