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Do you currently run – or aspire to run – your own business but feel a little out of your depth when it comes to the financials?
Perhaps you work in a business environment and would love to upgrade your position to an accounting role, but lack any formal post-secondary training. Or, maybe you’re working at a job that feels unrewarding, and are ready for a brand new career.
There are plenty of personal and practical reasons that prompt students to pursue careers in accounting – not to mention that this industry is growing in Canada and employers are looking for candidates with the latest skills and knowledge!
But how can you be sure that heading back to school for an accounting diploma is the right career move for you?
Read on to discover four sure-fire signs that accounting is your ideal professional path!

1. Detail-Oriented People Excel in Accounting Careers

If you can spot an error in a document that no one else catches, are a patient problem-solver, and in general a meticulous person, you’ve got what it takes to pursue accounting training.
Not only do accounting professionals record, track and measure financial data for a department or company, they may also be responsible for ensuring their employer is compliant with payroll-related legislation, including:

  • the Canada Pension Plan
  • the Employment Insurance Act
  • the Income Tax Act
  • employment standards legislation
  • Workers’ Compensation Acts
  • Québec-specific legislation

In addition to ensuring everyone gets paid on time and in the correct amounts, people with natural organizational skills and attention to detail have the strengths needed to cross check regulations and ensure their employer is adhering to best practices. And not to worry – a leading accounting college will make sure you’re completely familiar with current laws before sending you out into the workforce.

2. Accounting Professionals Like Working with Numbers

If you’re considering heading back to school for accounting training, it’s quite possible that your decision is motivated by practical concerns (like advancing at work or more effectively running your own business) rather than a genuine love of numbers!
However, the best accounting programs will help more math-nervous students conquer their insecurities about working with numbers by focusing on practical business math courses – material that students can easily apply to every-day operations and accounting procedures. This isn’t your high school calculus class! This is straightforward, practical math that students will love learning because it makes them better, more confident accounting pros. Already love numbers? Just another sign that an accounting career is tailor made for you.

3. You’re Comfortable Learning About New Technology

Accounting and payroll has come a very long way since the paper ledger book system! Today’s employers look for accounting candidates who understand and can use the latest computer programs and software, such as Quick Books Premier, Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
You don’t need mastery of any of these to considering applying to an accounting program, but you certainly should possess a willingness to learn – and keep on learning, even after your land your first position after graduating. Technology is ever-evolving, and with it, new and innovative ways of streamlining and optimizing accounting techniques.
Your college accounting program will prepare you with the fundamentals of bookkeeping combined with digital approaches so you’re well prepared to meet and embrace those future challenges

4. You’re Considering PCP Certification to Upgrade Your Accounting Career

Thinking long term about your career prospects in accounting? Want to bolster your resume with both a college diploma and an official accounting designation?
Certain accounting programs, such as AOLC’s Payroll Administrator program, prepare students to apply to the National Payroll Institute (formerly The Canadian Payroll Association) for certification as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP). This offers you a nationally recognized standard of excellence in payroll compliance and management employers want and need.
Whether you’re just starting out in the field, or looking to upgrade existing skills, PCP certification can offer you a competitive edge in a growing job market.
Want to learn more about which career paths in accounting are available to you? Visit AOLC to choose a campus near you, and discover the range of accounting programs we offer!