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Are you planning to start your own business, and working out where to begin?
There’s a reason why one of Victoria’s city slogans is “a natural place to do business.” Its beautiful landscape and thriving real estate and tourism markets make Victoria the ideal spot for any savvy Canadian to set up a business of their own.
If you’re interested in making your mark on this industry, the right training can help you upgrade your skills and achieve more in your current job or launch a successful business yourself. Now is the time to pursue the secure, professional business career you deserve!
To start you off on the right foot, here’s our guide to professional resources that can help you launch your business career in Victoria:

1. Stay Informed Throughout Your Business Career with the DVBA

The Downtown Victoria Business Agency (DVBA) is a friendly organization that welcomes business career hopefuls like you to start your business on the right foot—and to keep it up-to-date with all the city’s latest business initiatives and campaigns.
For example, new business owners get information about the city’s ‘Green Index’ and recycling policies for businesses through the DVBA, along with the opportunity to apply for grants and stimulus packages from the Government of British Columbia. You can even subscribe to the DVBA’s free newsletter for information and updates on the business scene in this thriving capital city.

There’s plenty of commercial business opportunity in bustling downtown Victoria.

2. Meet Key Business Regulations with Greater Victoria’s Development Agency

Once you’ve graduated from business college you’ll be ready to secure employment in one of Victoria’s diverse businesses, or to launch a successful business of your own. If you choose to launch your own business, the Greater Victoria Development Agency can be your trusted guide to establishing yourself as a pillar of your community.
It offers business rental space listings to help you find the ideal location to set up shop, professional development opportunities for Victoria’s business owners, and even a start-up kit for registering your business with the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.
If you become part of the Greater Victoria Development Agency’s community of businesspeople, you can trust that important milestones—like managing your first year of business taxes and becoming certified with the Canadian Revenue Agency—will come that much easier to you and your business.

3. Take Advantage of Helpful AOLC Student Business Career Services

You will gain access to a range of business professionals through your training, especially when you train at AOLC. Our instructors are experienced in the field and are passionate about helping you achieve your business career dreams.
Aside from the facilitator support available to AOLC students through the school’s Integrated Learning System, graduates of AOLC programs gain access to resume-building help and relevant job postings through AOLC’s Career Services.
“I appreciate the knowledge and encouragement the facilitators have given me. Their expertise and help have been invaluable,” explains AOLC graduate Chansophy Mao. “Most importantly, I thank them for helping me with my resume and for sending me job opportunities.”

AOLC can prepare you for interviews by improving your skills, confidence, & resume.

Graduates of AOLC programs consider the school as their own personal success sponsor, committed to helping them earn the positions and paychecks they deserve.
Are you ready to pursue business management training in Victoria?
Visit AOLC for more information or to speak with an advisor.