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Kick-off your thriving career in software and web development with AOLCC Coding Bootcamps and Programming Courses in British Columbia.

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Why pursue a career as a software and web developer?

The demand for developers in Canada is high and it is still expanding. With a career in this industry, you have many opportunities for a well-paying job. Coding is the creation of computer programs and websites using a language that tells computers what to do. Once you learn the fundamentals, you can develop websites and software too. AOLCC’s course will teach you the crucial skills to prepare you for a career as a software and web

Explore our Coding Bootcamps and Programming Courses in British Columbia

Software and Web Developer

In the Software and Web Developer diploma program, students learn the coding languages that every web developer needs to know: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students then broaden their skill set with a strong foundation in SQL, C#, and the .NET Framework that will lead to additional opportunities in the world of software development.

Web Developer

In the Web Developer diploma program, students learn the coding languages required to be a front-end web developer and create dynamic websites. The program covers the primary and in-demand web development programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What skills will you learn at AOLCC’s coding bootcamps and programming

AOLCC’s web and software developer diplomas and courses will give you a strong core foundation in coding and development. You will learn how to use Version Control, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, JavaScript, Visual Studio, C#, and .NET Framework. The course will also cover database skills – Microsoft Access, Database, and SQL.

Instructors ensure that students understand all the important aspects of programming and coding. There is also the opportunity to work on projects to practice your skills. Learning and practicing these skills will prepare you to design, build, style, and debug websites.

What to expect from a career in programming and coding

Developers could build websites, desktop software, or web applications. They will also build, design, and fix websites for a client. When working, they might consider specific instructions given by the client.

Web developers build the front end of websites while software developers work on the back end. Graduates of AOLCC’s software and web development program are “full-stack developers” – able to work on all aspects of a website.

In a programming and coding career, you will also need to research, test, and fix the data you are working on. Instructors in our courses will teach you what to expect in your career and how to work on a development team.

Careers after completing an AOLCC coding boot camp or programming course

Graduates from the Bootcamps and Programming Training Programs at AOLCC can find work in different positions, including:

  • Web developer
  • Applications developer
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Mobile developer
  • Game developer
  • Front end web developer
  • Software developer
  • HTML / CSS developer
  • Javascript / jQuery developer

Salary range for careers in coding and programming

Salaries vary depending on the company, experience, and exact location. Web and software developers in British Columbia can expect to make around $39,000-$92,000.

Why choose a coding and programming training course with AOLCC?

AOLCC is an excellent choice to study coding and programming. We use a top-notch integrated learning system (ILS) with multiple learning modalities to help students understand and retain studies.

Our instructors are supportive and knowledgeable. They will answer any questions you have, review your work, and make sure you understand the course material.

We have locations all across Canada, to accommodate all students. We are Canada’s largest college network.

In addition to your core classes, we will cover job-hunting and resume-building techniques. You will be well-trained and prepared for job hunting.

How can you get started?

Studying at AOLCC will give you the right foundation to begin an exciting and innovative career in web and software development. Contact an admissions advisor to find out more about our programs and get started today!

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