Career Tips

Are you starting a new career, looking to get promoted, or aiming for a raise? These career tips will help you weigh your career options, research job opportunities and roles, and achieve more professional success.

Myths About the Career Options for Medical Assistant Grads

Any career with the word “medical” in the title is likely to be pigeonholed into the idea that it belongs only in a hospital setting. However, that’s just one of...

What Awaits You After Grad: Medical Office Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Can you see yourself working as a medical office assistant? Or more importantly, do you know what the job entails? In a nutshell, a medical office assistant ensures that the...

The Hidden Tech Job Market: Career Opportunities for Web Designers

Wondering where your first big gig as a web designer will come from? Here’s how to find it. The need for graphic designers, illustrators and all masters of art-based disciplines...

How to Become a Medical Office Assistant (You Can Literally Do Steps 1-2 Today)

Having a great career aspiration and not knowing where exactly to start can be really discouraging.  Fortunately, if you’re interested in becoming a medical office assistant, there is a clear...

5 Things Only People That Go Back to School at 30 Will Understand

At 30, you might feel old as a freshman. But you shouldn’t: ever-changing technologies, job markets, and economies have prompted many individuals to return to school, and train for a...

Employment Opportunity: Call Centre Representative

The Academy of Learning College Franchisor Office is looking to add two more persons to its Call Centre. This position is a great opportunity to develop sales and customer service...