Substitute MOA Instructor - Richmond Hill, ON

Based in Richmond Hill and reporting to the Manager of Program Delivery, our Substitute Virtual Instructors for the Medical Office Assistant program are responsible for guiding students in their learning activities on a temporary as-needed basis.

Our students are typically adults seeking to re-enter the job market or, in some cases, enter the job market for the first time. Our Instructors are passionate about helping others achieve their educational and employment goals.

As a Substitute Virtual Instructor, you will be expected to perform the following primary functions on an as-needed basis:

  1. Deliver Lecture(s) each day per the schedule provided in a positive, educational, and clear and professional manner with attention to Academy of Learning College policies and goals
  2. Operate the Adobe Connect Pro virtual classroom environment with proficiency (we will train!)
  3. Plan, prepare, and deliver between one and three quality virtual classroom lectures each day to adult learners in approved campuses across Canada
  4. Creation or revision of healthcare courses and programs
  5. Motivate, oversee, and evaluate activities of students in the assigned academic diploma program utilizing approved curricula
  6. Manage virtual classroom environment in order to promote positive atmosphere, classroom discipline and control, and timely class sessions
  7. Show sensitivity to individual needs, and actively involve students in virtual classroom discussions and/or activities
  8. Understand the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of students

Really important notes for this position:

  1. This is casual employment with no guaranteed hours of work
  2. Hours will be assigned based on an “as-needed” basis
  3. While we understand you aren’t always going to be available on extremely short notice, we may call you to ask on extremely short notice! Regardless, we will give you as much notice as possible when we have a need for coverage
  4. This is an excellent opportunity for stay-at-home-parents or other individuals who could use a bit of extra cash every now and then

Required skills and experience
The successful candidate will possess the following:

  1. A University Degree or College Diploma from a recognized Canadian institution and a minimum of 24 months of recent experience in various industry environment(s) related to the field of instruction
  2. Ability to lead and motivate
  3. Effective customer service experience and training
  4. Technical ability to operate computers and to learn new computer systems (we will train on specialized software!)

Desired skills
For applicants who meet the required skills listed above, the following would be considered an asset:

  1. Experience working in a Private Career College or other adult education environment, preferably as an instructor
  2. Strong computer skills with Adobe Connect Pro

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