Medical Administrative Assistant - Saskatchewan

Medical Administrative Assistant careers are very rewarding and in high demand, requiring professionals with general healthcare knowledge and office skills.

Medical Administrative Assistant professionals play a major role in the daily operations in hospitals, clinics, private medical centres, and many other healthcare settings. With an increasing need for medical administrative support in the healthcare industry, career options are typically available throughout the country.

Medical Administrative Assistant responsibilities

A Medical Administrative Assistant has a wide range of daily duties, which may include:

  • Standard clerical duties, including scheduling appointments, helping patients fill out forms, handling office supplies and resources, etc.
  • Promoting safety and works in a safe manner.
  • Updating electronic medical reports.
  • Preparing financial statements and handles billing procedures.

Required knowledge

A medical administrative assistant position may require specific knowledge in various branches of the medical industry, including:

  • medical terminology
  • medical billing
  • Medical transcription
  • medical office procedures

General skills

Most medical administrative assistant positions will require advanced proficiency in the following:

  • in-depth organization skills
  • computer and office skills, including current software applications and typing skills
  • general office management
  • basic accounting
  • customer service

Medical Administrative Assistant Training Options

Visit our Healthcare faculty page for more information on the Medical Administrative Assistant training programs offered at Academy of Learning College.

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