Student Testimonial

Sara Fazael

Before I started at Academy of Learning College, I had basic computer skills. I had some office experience, but I could not find in my field if accounting. Without Canadian education and experience, employers would not hire me.

I enrolled in the Computerized Accounting diploma program at Academy of Learning College so I could get the skills I needed. At first I was apprehensive about starting school, but I’m so glad I did. The instructors were very patient no matter how many questions I asked, and they encouraged me as I worked hard to increase my typing speed. The staff gave me many job leads and they put in extra time and effort to help me polish my resume and cover letters. I really appreciated the job search I received after I graduated.

Academy of Learning College’s individualized, self-paced training allowed me to go over lessons as many times as I needed and I was not restricted by a classroom schedule. Occasional daycare issues required that I stay home, but Academy of Learning College allowed me to keep on track because of the flexible hours. I liked that I could come in to school on Saturdays to get caught up.

Now I am employed and I use Excel and QuickBooks every single day at work. My training at Academy of Learning College helped me get the job I have today.

Thank you for everything!

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