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Academy of Learning College is dedicated to working with you as a PARTNER in achieving your career goals.  Education is not our primary focus - your ultimate EMPLOYMENT in a career you love is our goal.  Since 1987, Academy of Learning College's unique Integrated Learning™ System has trained Canadians with skills for a BRIGHTER FUTURE. We have a number of student friendly learning options available to you including FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING, continuous enrollment, skills gap training and CUSTOMIZED TRAINING plans. Academy of Learning College strives to provide students not only with tools to SUCCEED in an ever-changing workplace, but with strategies for managing work, family, finances... life. Contact us to discuss your FUTURE and how Academy of Learning College's full range of diploma and certificate programs can help you succeed.  WE CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!


225 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON K6J 3P8

Phone: (613) 936-8973
Fax: (613) 936-6685

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