Law Clerk - Ontario

Recent studies indicate that strong growth in law clerk jobs is expected over the next few years. Law clerks are employed by law firms, corporate law departments, government departments and agencies, courts and tribunals, financial companies and real estate title insurers. Careers requiring the skills learned in this program include:

  • Commercial Law Clerk
  • Legal Assistant
  • Corporate Law Clerk
  • Litigation Law Clerk
  • Wills and Estates Law Clerk
  • Criminal Law Clerk
  • Family Law Clerk Law

Law Clerk responsibilities

A Law Clerk has a wide range of daily duties, which may include:

  • File management.
  • Preparing real estate documents and estate planning.
  • General office duties.
  • Researching and drafting court documents

Required knowledge

A Law Clerk position may require specific knowledge in various branches of the legal industry, including:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Small Claims Court
  • Specialized Legal Software
  • Real Estate Law
  • Wills and Estates law

General skills

Most Law Clerk positions will require advanced proficiency in the following:

  • In-depth organization skills
  • Computer and office skills, including current software applications and typing skills
  • Database management

Law Clerk Training Options

Visit our Legal program page for more information on the Law Clerk training programs offered at Academy of Learning College.

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