CompTIA Network+ Courses

CompTIA Network+ Course Introduction

The Network+ designation is offered by CompTIA as a certification of the holder’s proficiency in configuring and operating a variety of industry-standard network products. Earning the Network+ certification means that successful candidates posses the knowledge and skills to operate as a networking professional, and to install, configure and manage a variety of networking products.
Upon completion of this course, students gain knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, basic design principles, and adhere to wiring standards and use testing tools.
This class combines lectures, exercises, labs and module reviews within an online environment, combined with a corresponding student manual. This manual acts as a learning resource during class, as well as serving as a valuable resource when the student returns to the office or home.

Of Interest To

Those individuals interested in pursuing a career in IT, specifically related to network administration. Also of interest to those wishing to obtain the CompTIA Network+ Certification.

Course Aim

CompTIA Network+ course is designated to help prepare students to take the CompTIA Network+ certification exam (N10-005).
As an internationally recognized credential, Network+ certification gives your employer or prospective employer a measurable benchmark of your skills and also establishes the student as a highly motivated, career-minded professional.

Course Prerequisites

CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge

Course Notes

Course manual provides ongoing reference. Upon completion of the course, there is a final online exam. Participants who achieve 75% or greater on this exam will receive an Academy Of Learning Certificate.

Program Classification

Information Technology, Network

Training Path

Industry Certification Preparation
CompTIA Network+
This course prepares the student to write the CompTIA Network+ (N10-005) certification exam.
The CompTIA Network+ certification is an internationally recognized validation of the technical knowledge required by foundation-level IT network practitioners.

Method of Delivery

Online training supported by Academy of Learning College facilitators or online instructors.

CompTIA Network+ Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:

The layers of the OSI model; The layers of the TCP/IP model; Applications, devices, protocols and the OSI model; Recognizing the functions of internetworking models; IP addressing; CIDR and subnetting; Routing Concepts; Routing protocols; Switching concepts; Describing routing and switching operations.

Lesson 2:

Networking protocols and port numbers; Domain Name system; Troubleshooting methodology; Virtual Network components; Protocols, troubleshooting, and Virtual Networks.

Lesson 3:

Installing and configuring routers; Installing and configuring switches; Wireless network components and standards; Installing and configuring a wireless network; DHCP; Working with routers, switches, and wireless networks.

Lesson 4:

Troubleshooting wireless issues; Common router and switch problems; Troubleshooting connectivity problems; Planning and implementing a SOHO network; Troubleshooting issues and SOHO networks.

Lesson 5:

Twisted pair and coaxial cabling; Wiring distribution infrastructure; Fiber network media; Copper and fiber network media; Basic operations of wireless networks; Wireless network standards; Troubleshooting connectivity; Working with network media.

Lesson 6:

WAN technologies; WAN connectivity methods; Network topologies; Ethernet networks; Ethernet standards; WANs and LANs.

Lesson 7:

Network appliances; Configurations management documentation; Managing networks; Network monitoring and management; Network performance optimization; Monitoring networks; Hardware troubleshooting tools; Software troubleshooting tools; Troubleshooting networks.

Lesson 8:

Wireless security; Tunneling and filtering security; Remote access; Encryption; User authentication; User security and access methods.

Lesson 9:

Wireless security threats; Physical security, threats, and vulnerabilities; Type of attacks; Mitigation techniques; Threats, attacks, and mitigation techniques.

Lesson 10:

Firewalls; Intrusion detection systems; Network security appliances and methods; Firewalls, IDS and network security solutions.

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