Principles of Selling Courses

Principles of Selling Course Introduction

The Principles of Selling course is designed to introduce students to the sales profession. Students gain an understanding of the environment in which they will be selling, as well as the skills and knowledge relating to the consultative selling approach. Students learn how to target the right client and the right market, and how to read clients and assess their buying motives. Students are given the opportunity to explore the various selling processes in depth throughout this course.

Course Prerequisite(s)

Word Level 1 and Introduction to the Internet

Course Aim

To introduce students to the sales profession and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to build effective relationships with clients.

Of Interest to

Those who desire to work in the sales industry and to gain insight into building effective relationships with prospective clients.

Course Notes

A Student Manual is provided for on-going reference. This course is an Online ILS Hybrid course and incorporates a more intensive media component than standard ILS courses. This media will be offered through ACME Pro, similar to the method for offering Academy Online courses. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Principles of Selling Course Breakdown

Section 1: Understanding the Sales Environment

The Powerful Role of the Sales Professional; Qualities of the Sales Professional; Opportunities in Sales; Ethical and Legal Aspects of Selling

Section 2: Understanding and Influencing People

Rapport Building Strategies; Reading the Client; Understanding Buying Motives; Utilizing Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Section 3: Fundamental Steps and Processes in the Sales Cycle

Preparation and Planning Before the Sales Call; Approaching the Client; Networking for Sales Success: The Needs Analysis Approach: Consultative Selling; Telephone Approaches; Handling Incoming Telephone Calls; Delivering Effective Sales Presentations; Handling Objections; Closing the Sale; Negotiations in Sales; Maximizing Additional Sales Opportunities

Section 4: After Sales Support and Service

Service the Sale; After Sales Account Building

Method of Delivery

Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning College facilitators.

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