QuickBooks Premier Courses

QuickBooks Premier Course Introduction

In this course students are introduced to QuickBooks and its features.

As students progress through the course, they become familiar with the QuickBooks interface and learn how to perform common tasks using QuickBooks. Students learn how to use the EasyStep Interview to create a company file, how to customize the Chart of Accounts for the company, manage lists (customer, vendor, item, employee and payroll), create business forms (invoices, cheques, cash sales receipts, credit memos and refunds), use registers, pay bills (using cheques, credit cards and petty cash), create reports (balance sheet, profit and loss, customer and vendor balance detail), and manage a payroll (add/edit employees, process pay cheques, run payroll reports, and manage the payroll liabilities). Students also perform several account reconciliations (chequing, credit card, and petty cash).

The course is presented using a combination of conceptual material, how-to procedures, and practical tasks, and emphasizes hands-on use and exploration of QuickBooks. It consists of 15 lessons, a lab exercise and a final exam. As students work through the lessons in this course, they are given ample opportunity to practice, apply, and develop the skills learned.

Course Prerequisite(s)

Working knowledge of Windows.

Course Aim

To provide a basic understanding of computerized accounting and the skills needed to manage accounting records for a small company using QuickBooks Premier software.

Of Interest to

Those who wish to learn to manage the finances of a small company using Windows-based software.

QuickBooks Premier Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Introducing QuickBooks; All the Accounting You Need to Know; Starting and Exiting QuickBooks

Lesson 2:

Creating a QuickBooks Company; Customizing QuickBooks for Your Business; Setting Up Your Business Accounting; Getting Help While Using QuickBooks

Lesson 3:

Using QuickBooks Lists; Adding Custom Fields; Managing Lists

Lesson 4:

Writing a QuickBooks Cheque; Using Bank Account Registers; Entering a Handwritten Cheque; Transferring Money Between Accounts; Reconciling Chequing Accounts

Lesson 5:

Using Other Account Types in QuickBooks; Working with Asset and Liability Accounts; Tracking Fixed Assets; Recording a Payment on a Loan; Understanding Equity Accounts

Lesson 6:

Using Sales Forms in QuickBooks; Generating Reminder Statement;

Lesson 7:

Recording Customer Payments; Making Deposits

Lesson 8:

Handling Bills in QuickBooks

Lesson 9:

Reports and Graphs; Creating and Customizing Preset Reports; Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel; Creating QuickInsight Graphs

Lesson 10:

The Inventory Feature; Ordering Products

Lesson 11:

Overview of Sales Tax in QuickBooks; Determining What You Owe

Lesson 12:

Overview of Payroll Tracking; Setting Up Employee Payroll Information and Schedules; Tracking Your Tax Liabilities; Paying Payroll Taxes; Preparing PD7A, T4 and T4 Summary Forms

Lesson 13:

Creating Jobs and Estimates; Creating an Invoice from an Estimate; Displaying Report for Estimates; Updating Job Status

Lesson 14:

Tracking Time; Displaying Project Reports for Time Tracking

Lesson 15:

About QuickBooks Forms; Customizing Invoices; Designing Custom Layouts for Forms; Using QuickBooks Letters

Lab Exercise

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference.

Upon completion of the course, there is a final exam.  Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Method of Delivery

Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning College facilitators.

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