Insurance Advisor - Alberta

Insurance Advisors work in an environment that ranges from administrative to technical work. The insurance industry expects individuals to uphold their professionalism.

Recent studies indicate a shortage of qualified candidates across the country. A huge demand is expected over the next few years. Careers that correspond with the skills learned in this program include:

  • Insurance Advisor
  • Insurance Broker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Underwriter
  • Underwriter Assistant
  • Claims Assistant

Insurance Advisor responsibilities

An Insurance Advisor has a wide range of daily duties, which may include:

  • Answering inquiries from customers both on the telephone and in person
  • Providing information on the organization’s products and services
  • Processing miscellaneous documentation
  • Updating and extracting client data
  • Maintaining updated and confidential files

Required knowledge

An Insurance Advisor position may require specific knowledge in various branches of the insurance industry, including:

  • Proficiency in interpreting insurance policies, coverages, and exclusions

General skills

Most Insurance Advisor positions will require advanced proficiency in the following:

  • In-depth organization skills
  • Computer and office skills, including current software applications and typing skills
  • Database management
  • Call centre knowledge

Insurance Advisor Training Options

Visit our Insurance Program page for more information on the  Insurance Advisor training programs offered at Academy of Learning College.

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