Help Desk Support Analyst - Alberta

Help Desk Support Analysts are employed by computer hardware manufacturers and retailers, software manufacturers, within their call centres and information technology departments throughout the private and public sectors. They provide first-line technical support to computer users experiencing difficulties with computer hardware and with computer applications and communications software.

Help Desk Support Analyst Responsibilities

Duties may include:
  • Communicating electronically and in person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine, document, and resolve problems experienced.
  • Consulting user guides, technical manuals and other documents to research and implement solutions.
  • Providing advice and training to users in response to identified difficulties.
  • Supporting users to install Windows desktop operating systems.
  • Managing and troubleshooting access to computer resources.

Personal Attributes of a Help Desk Support Analyst

To be successful with a Help Desk Support Analyst career, individuals should possess the ability to:
  • Have an aptitude for learning software quickly with minimum instruction
  • Formulate decisions and exercise good judgment
  • Effectively manage time and stress
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrate highly developed listening and verbal skills
  • Work collaboratively and effectively as part of a team
  • Effectively communicate and use interpersonal skills
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with people from all walks of life

Career Training Options

Visit our Information Technology Programs page for more information on the Help Desk Support Analyst training programs offered at Academy of Learning College.

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